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EXACT function in Excel


EXACT function is used to compare different text strings or values and results with TRUE if strings are exactly same otherwise it will return FALSE. It is case-sensitive but ignores formatting differences.


=EXACT(text1, text2)

where, arguments text1 and text2 are different text strings or values, to whom you need to compare.


To convert text values and strings in the above-mentioned screenshot, do the following steps:

1. Go to cell C1, type =EXACT(A1,B1) and press Enter.

In result, Excel will show TRUE if both values match otherwise FALSE will appear.

2. Copy cell C1 by pressing Ctrl + C and paste it to remaining cells by pressing Ctrl + V after selecting the particular cell.

Reasoning Table

Column A Column B Formula Results Reasons
Alphabets alphabets FALSE  Small letter in column B
Text Text TRUE
50 50 FALSE Value in Column A is 49.9 which has been rounded to 50
A BCD ABCD FALSE Space between alphabets in column A

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