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EDATE function

The EDATE function returns the date after or before a specified date. For this a number is specified, for example, =EDATE(“12 Dec 2019”,1) returns the 12 Jan 2020 date which is one month after the specified date. The number “1” is used to indicate one month after, use -1 for one month before.

The EDATE function uses to find out maturity dates or due dates of a security.


EDATE(start_date, months)

start_date – Required. The date which is specified to get the required date.

months – Required. The number of months before(-) and after (+) the start date.


Using Notes

#VALUE! error will appear if the start_date is an invalid date.

If the number value is in decimal, then the required date will be the same as start_date.

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