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DOLLARDE function in Excel


The DOLLARDE function (a Financial function) converts a dollar price, expressed as a fraction, into a dollar price, expressed as a decimal number. For example, to convert the price “1 and 1/16” into an equivalent decimal number i.e. “1.0624”, the DOLLARDE function will be used as under:



The function converts 1.01, read as 1 and 1/16, to a decimal number (1.0625). Because the fraction value is 16, the price has a precision of 1/16 of a dollar.


DOLLARDE(fractional_dollar, fraction)

The function has the following arguments:

fractional_dollar – Required. the number expressed as an integer part and a fraction part, separated by a decimal point.

fraction – Required. The integer denominator in a fraction.

For more detail and examples, visit the Microsoft Office website.

Function Errors

Error Occurs
#NUM! If fraction is less than 0.
 #DIV/0! If fraction is greater than or equal to 0 and less than 1.

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