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Difference between Determiners and Quantifiers

What are determiners?

Determiners are words, come before a noun phrase to determine whether the phrase is specific or general.  In other words, these words are used to specify or generalize the noun phrase.

Types of determiners

The specific determiners are:

definite article: the

interrogatives: which 

demonstratives: this, that, these, those

possessives: my, these, her, his, whose, your

For example:

Can you send me the e-mail, please?

Whose car is this?

I was collecting cash from your uncle.

I want to purchase those books.

General determiners are used when we talk about general things, about whom the reader/ listener does not have exact information. The general determiners are a, an, any, another, other, what. 

For example:

The infinite article an or a is used with a singular noun like; an apple in a day keeps the doctor away.

We use general determiner any with a singular noun or an uncounted noun; you can purchase any product online.

The general determiner another is used to talk about an additional person or thing; would you like to purchase another suit?

What are quantifiers?

Quantifiers are used to give information about a number of something, for example:

How many of you were present in the function.

How many apples are there?

How much sugar is there in the cup?

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