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Date and Time Formats in Excel

In Excel, a date can be displayed in the variety of different ways, in this article, we will learn easy ways to display different date formats.

1. Select a cell, where you want to apply/change date format.

2. Press Ctrl +1. 

3. In Number tab of Format Cells box, from the category list, select Date then choose your desired format and press OK.

Note: For your desired date format, from the category list, select Time instead of Date in Format Cells box then choose your desired format and press OK)

Create a custom date format

1. Select your cell first and press Ctrl + 1.

2. In Format Cells box, from Number tab, select Custom from the Category list.

3. In the Type box, make your desired changes using codes from the table mentioned below:

To display

Use this code

Months as 1–12 m
Months as 01–12 mm
Months as Jan–Dec mmm
Months as January–December mmmm
Months as the first letter of the month mmmmm
Days as 1–31 d
Days as 01–31 dd
Days as Sun–Sat ddd
Days as Sunday–Saturday dddd
Years as 00–99 yy
Years as 1900–9999 yyyy

(Table source: Microsoft Office Support)

Short Keys

  • To display default date format, select cell and press Ctrl + Shift + 3  (for time press Ctrl + Shift + 2)
  • For the current date each time you reopen a worksheet or recalculate a formula, type =TODAY() in an empty cell, and then press ENTER.

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