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Data Table in Excel – Setting up Two Variable

Previously, we have illustrated the Data Table usage with one variable. In this example, we will illustrate how to use the Data Table feature with two variables.

Suppose, you sell a vehicle at $100,000, out of which 60% is your operational cost (1st variable) and 5% is selling cost, resulting in a profit figure of $35,000.

Now what if your costs increases? what would be the impact on profit? To know follow these steps:

1- Select range of cell.

Step 1

2- Go to the Data Tab, select What-If Analysis from the Data Tools section.

Step 2

3- From the appeared drop-down menu, select Data Table.

Step 3

4- Data Table box will open, select cell reference of 1st variable (cost %) i.e. $B$2 in the Row Input Cell option. Similarly, select 2nd variable (commission %) i.e. $B$3 in the Column Input Cell option. Press OK.

Step 4

5- Result. The Data Table feature will let you know the impact at glance if variables change.

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