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Custom Lists in Excel

In Excel, built in lists of day-of-the-week and month-of-the-year are provided however you can also change and create your own custom lists. In this article, we will learn stepwise that how to add and delete custom lists.

Example of pre-built custom lists in Excel

1- Write ‘Jan’ into C2 cell.

2- Click and hold on the lower right corner of the cell, C2 and drag it across to cell J2.

How to add custom lists?

1- Click on the File tab, and then click on the Options button.

2- A window will open, click on the advanced option then go to General and click Edit Custom Lists.

3- To add your own custom lists, add a list in list entries option, after adding list click first on add button then on ok button.

4- You can also import a range of numbers by clicking the import button.

5- Now type the word ‘Ali’ in a cell.

6- Drag it to the right till F2 cell.

Custom lists can only be created based on a value (text, number, and date or time).

Does my custom link open on another computer or server?

When you create a new custom list, it saves in your computer’s registry and this custom list will also available in a new worksheet. However, if you open the worksheet in which you have added a custom list to another computer or server, the custom list will not immediately available for the Fill command. For this, you will need to add the same list in the registry of that computer or server.

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