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Currency vs Accounting Formats in Excel

Currency and Accounting formats seem similar but there are little differences which are being cleared in this article.

Currency Format

1. Select values in your worksheet.

2. For currency format, go to Home tab, select Currency format from the drop-down menu in Number section.


Currency format places the dollar sign in right front of values.

Accounting Format

For accounting format, repeat the same steps except in step 2, select Accounting format instead of Currency sign.


As you can see, in accounting format, Excel positions the $ sign on the left edge of the cells and shows a dash for zero values.

Currency vs Accounting Formats

1. Currency format displays a negative number with minus sign in red color with parentheses whereas accounting format displays only negative numbers in parentheses.

2. Currency format places the dollar sign in right front of values whereas, in accounting format, the $ sign positions itself on the left edge of the cells.

3. Currency format shows zero for zero values whereas accounting format shows a dash for zero values.

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