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Creating Cell References in Excel

In Excel, a cell reference is an address to a cell or a range of cells on a worksheet, it uses in formulas so that Excel find those values that you want to calculate in a formula. For example, cell C1 below has the sum formula which refers to cell A1 and B1 i.e. add values in cell A1 and B1.


Creating a cell reference on the same worksheet

To create a cell reference on the same worksheet, do the following steps:

1- Click the cell in which you want to enter the formula, type = (equal sign).

2- Reference one or more cells, in the example below, reference is created for more than one cells. Select the cell range by pressing and holding Shift then pressing Upward arrow key.

3- Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Result.

Note: if you have single cell reference then press Enter only instead of the above command.

Creating a cell reference to another worksheet

1- Again type = (equal sign) in cell where you want to enter a formula e.g. we will add SUM formula.

2- Click on the worksheet to be referenced e.g. Sheet1. You can also use Ctrl + Page Up/ Page Down buttons to reach that worksheet.

3- Select a cell or cell ranges to be referenced and press Enter. Result.

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