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COUNTIF function in Excel


The COUNTIF function is used to count cells that meet a criterion; for example, to count, how many numbers of times, sale made to a particular customer.


The COUNTIF function, categorized as a Statistical Function, can be used to counts cells with dates, text, and, numbers to match a criterion. For partial matching, it supports logical operator, such as (>,<,<>,=) and wildcards (*,?).


=COUNTIF (range, criteria) where,

range – The range of cells that you want to count.

criteria – The criterion, which specifies what to count; e.g.  count cells if greater than etc.


1. Type, =COUNTIF, select range, and criteria.

2. Result.

Use of the COUNTIF function

Count cells if greater than

Count cells if equal to

Count cells if end with

Count cells that begin with

Count cells that do not contain

Count cells if contain negative numbers

Count cells if contain positive numbers

Count cells that contain [n] characters

Add input restrictions to validate data

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