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Copy and Paste Values only (Prevent Formatting) in Excel

The Paste Options appear in Excel when you paste data in cells, using this basic feature, you can save a lot of time. Let’s start learning the options stepwise.

Paste values only

This option pastes values only to a selected cell, ignoring copied data’s formatting like formulas and columns width etc.

1.  Select data that you want to paste and press Ctrl + C.

In the above screenshot, we have selected data where there are sum formulas in column C.

2. Click a cell where you want to paste these values and press one by one Alt, E, and S. (Or press Ctrl + Alt + V)

3. From Paste Special box, select Values option from the upper left side (or press V) and press Enter button or Click on OK button.

4. Excel will copy the values only (ignoring copied cells format, columns width, and formulas etc.) to the target cells.

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