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Convert text to numbers in Excel

Excel by default align text format to a left corner of a cell and you may see the cell with a green triangle. This may result is formatting problems and formulas having text format with unexpected results. To learn, how to convert text to numbers, follow these steps:

Method 1

1. Select a text format column, you may select specific range but make sure it is in the same column.

(To know how to select cells or ranges, click here)

2. Press Ctrl + 1 and select number, currency or accounting format.

Method 2 by using VALUE function

1. Insert a new column next to text formatted column.

2. In a cell of new column type =VALUE(), inside the parentheses, type a cell reference with the text format. For example, select A1 in our example.

3. Copy the formula cell and paste special to your desired areas.You may use RIGHT function to extract a character from a text string and convert it to numbers.


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