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How to Convert a Row to a Column (Transpose) in Excel

The transpose feature is used to rotate a row data to a column or vice versa, there are different ways to do it, two methods are being discussed here.

Paste Special Transpose

For this, do these steps:

1- Select a row to rotate.

Data selection in first step of transpose function of excel2- Copy the row’s data by one of the following methods:

  • Press Ctrl + C.
  • Click Right and select Copy

Method to copy selected area in excel3- Select the location to paste the copied data.

4- To open Paste Special window, do one of following:

  • Press Alt + E + S or Ctrl + Shift + V.
  • Select the Transpose option from the open window. (You may also press button to do the same action).
  • Selection option in paste special windowPress OK to see the result.

Final result of the transpose function.Transpose Function

To get the same result as above, the Transpose function is another way to do this.

1- Select the cell where you want to paste to transpose.

2- Press + button or = sign and type Transpose.

Transpose through function step 1


Transpose through function step 23- Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to get the result.

Final result of the transpose function.

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