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Convert Excel to Google Sheets

Do the following steps to import your Excel’s file into Google Sheets:

1- Click on the File tab and select Open or press Ctrl+O.

Step 1

2- Open a file window will open, click Upload and select Blue colored button.

Step 2

3- Select an Excel file of your need and press Open.

4- Result. Excel file will open in Google Sheets.

Difference between Excel and Google Sheets

In Microsoft Excel…In Google Sheets…
Collaboration only in Excel Online Collaborate in real-time from Sheets
Share using emailShare directly from Sheets or by email
Save using the File menu Save automatically to Drive
Add multiple tabs to a spreadsheetAdd multiple sheets to a spreadsheet
Manage versions with version control (Excel
Online only)
Manage versions with version history
Add formulas and use Formula AutoComplete
for suggestions
Add formulas and use formula suggestions that appear as you enter text
Record macros or use VBARecord macros or use Google Apps Script
Create filters Create filters and filter views
Create pivot tables manually Create pivot tables manually or automatically with Explore
Create charts manually Create charts manually or automatically with Explore
See recent activitySee the activity dashboard
Create notifications using conditional
Create notification rules

Table Source: Google Official website

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