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Consolidate in Excel

To consolidate data from different sheets into a one master sheet, execute the following steps:

1- Make sure that source data is arranged correctly. If you want the Excel’s consolidate feature to work accurately then ensure that each sheet has a similar layout, in which each column should contain similar data along with the header like we have three different sheets below:

Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

2- Open a blank sheet, go to the Data tab, from the Data Tools section, select the Consolidation.

3- The consolidate box will appear, do following tasks:

  • Click the Reference box, select the range A1:E4 in the branch1 workbook, and click Add.
  • Repeat the above task for branch2 and branch3 workbook.

Check Top rows, Left column and Create links to source data options.

4- Click OK. Results:

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