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Consolidate Workbooks in Excel

Instead of summarizing different workbooks one by one in a master worksheet, you can use consolidate workbooks feature in Excel to summarize results from different workbooks at once.

Do the following steps to easily sum, count, average, etc. to a master sheet:

1.  Open all the workbooks:

Workbook 1 (Sheet 1)

Workbook (Sheet 2)

Workbook (Sheet 3)

2. Open a blank workbook, go to Data tab and click on Consolidate icon.

3. From the Consolidate box, choose the function from the drop down menu (we select the Sum function in our example).

4. In the Reference box, select a range of cells from Sheet1 (we select D4:D7 in example) and click Add.

5. Repeat the step 4 for Sheet2 and Sheet3 workbooks.

6. Check Create links to source data.

7. Press Ok, Excel will sum up all Column D of all workbooks in master workbook.

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