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Check the Spelling

1. To check spelling in your worksheet, do one of following:

  • Press F7. or
  • Go to Review tab, in Proofing section, select Spelling.

Remember the following before correction:

  • If you select a cell for spell checking then Excel will check all spellings in comments, headers, footers and graphics except spells in formulas.
  • If you select a specific cell range to check then Excel will only check/correct selected area.
  • For checking spell in a formula, select the word first.

2.  In Suggestions drop-down menu, select the correct word by clicking Change button.

You may check all spellings at once by clicking on Change All button.

3. To ignore single spelling, click Ignore Once. (you may click on Ignore All to get the results at once)

4. If you want to add a specific spell to the dictionary, click Add to Dictionary.

Auto Spell Check while Typing

You may choose auto spell checking option by following these steps:

1. Go to File tab and click Options.

2. Under the Proofing category, select AutoCorrect Option.


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