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Change a cell reference

Change a cell reference to another cell reference

To change a cell reference to another cell reference, double click the cell containing a reference/formula that is needed to be changed. Excel will highlight the cell reference/formula with different colors.

Do one of the following:

Drag the border to upward.
  • To include more or fewer cells in a reference, drag the corner of the border of the cell or range to the new range.
  • To change the reference of a formula, double click in the cell or press F2 then enter the new cell reference.

Press Enter, or, in case of a formula array, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Change a cell reference to a named range

The Named range is a feature in Excel, that names different ranges for clarity purpose. For example, in the formula SUM(A4:A7), instead of using “A4:A7“, you can use “Sale” by naming the cell range.

Do the following steps to change a cell reference to a named range:

1- Select a range of cells that contains formula in which you want named range instead of cell references.

2- Click on the Name box, type name for the range, press Enter.

Type ‘Sale’ in the pointed area.

3- Result.

Note: There are different methods to define named ranges, mentioned in ‘Defining Named Ranges‘.

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