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In business finance, bootstrapping is a situation in which a founder of a company arranges capital by utilizing personal resources or from operating revenue of the company. Further, it also describes a method used to construct the zero-coupon yield curve from market figures.


Entrepreneurs normally start their businesses by using various external finance sources like a loan from a bank, investment from independent investors etc. In bootstrapping, an entrepreneur, the founder risks her/his own money by injecting into the company or uses its revenue to run the company. For example, you started a company by utilizing your personal savings of $1000 and running it by utilizing its operational revenue, this situation is called bootstrapping. Although companies those rely on bootstrapping grow slowly but as a founder, you will be independent in your decisions which is not possible in case if you utilize an external source of finance because capital providers introduce conditions and want controlling interest to secure their investments.


Under the situation of bootstrapping, an entrepreneur does not share potential profit with banks and investors, in shape of interest and dividend further utilizes a higher degree of autonomy in decision-making, which is not possible by obtaining external sources of finance. It is also bit risky as time and personal resources of an entrepreneur are at stake and involves significant risks.

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