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Advice and Advise

Difference between Advice and Advise

No wonder the two words advice and advise are often confused. There is only one letter difference between them which not only makes their meaning different but they are also pronounced different due to that one letter.

When to Use Advice

Advice is a noun. It means to give guidance or to offer an opinion, to someone, worth following. The advice is always for a beneficial course of action. When you have a problem and you don’t know what to do, you ask someone for advice. It gives the ‘S’ sound at the end and is pronounced like ‘mice’. Here are some examples of the word advice.

  • I was very upset so, I called him for advice.
  • You should call Sarah, as she always gives a nice advice.
  • “Always follow your heart”, that was the best advice my dad gave me.
  • If you need advice about your career, you should pay a visit to career counseling center at the university.

When to use Advise

Advise is a verb. It means to give advice. To advise also means to notify someone e.g., She advised me, she was leaving. The word advise is always followed by the person who is advising. If you want to tell what exactly was the advice, then use to after the listener’s name. It gives a ‘Z’ sound at the end and is pronounced just like ‘prize’.  Here are some examples:

  • She advised me to not to go abroad.
  • The doctor advised him to take complete bed rest.
  • What would you advise me to do now?
  • She advised me to buy a treadmill and workout daily.

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