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Add a formula in Google Sheets

In this lesson, we will learn how to create a simple formula in Google Sheets that will add, minus, divide and multiply values. The concept of cell references will also be introduced while creating a formula.

Create a simple formula

Google Sheets uses different standard mathematical operators for for formulas. A table mentioned below contains information about all the standard operators to be used in formulas.

Addition+ (Plus Sign)
Division / (Forward Slash)
Multiply* (Asterisk)
Minus (Minus Sign)
Exponents^ (Caret)

To create a simple formula for addition, execute the following steps:

1- Go to a cell e.g. A1.

2- Type equal sign (=) and enter any two numerical values for addition e.g. “=1+2”.

3- Result. Google Sheets will show result of the addition formula. Similarly, you can use other standard operators to perform desired calculations.

Using cell references in a formula

To create a formula using cell references, follow these steps:

1- Go to cell C1, type (=) equal sign and enter cell references of cell A1 and B1 to add values in the both cells.

2- Result. You can see that instead of entering values in the formula i.e. “=1+2”, we use cell references i.e. “=A1+B1”.

A cell reference in Google Sheets enables you to update values in cells without having to reenter the formula. To see the benefit, copy and paste the formula in the cell C2.

Google Sheets automatically updates cell references in the formula.

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