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Acclimation and Acclamation

What is the Difference between Acclimation and Acclamation?

Acclimation and acclamation both words are pronounced almost the same and are spelled similarly. But, they have different meanings. They are homophones. There is only a one-letter difference between both. Let’s find out how they differ from each other.

When to Use Acclimation

Acclimation means to adapt to a new situation or climate (altitude, temperature or environment). To acclimate means to become used or accustomed to a new situation. It is a noun which typically has to do with getting used to a new climate but it can also refer to getting used to a new situation. For example,

  • An organism has to acclimate to the changing climate for survival.
  • My acclimation to my new school was just because of my new friend Laura.
  • The two new pandas are going through acclimation in the Zoo.
  • Acclimation to a new working environment will take some time.

As you can clearly see here, acclimate and acclimation both have to do with being accustomed to a new climate, place or environment etc.

When to Use Acclamation

Acclamation is just a noun and it does not in any way function as a verb unlike acclimation which functions both as a noun and a verb. However, acclamatory  is the adjective form of acclamation. Acclamation is an enthusiastic approval of something. No matter how similar it sounds to acclimation it has a quite different meaning. It means a loud or shout approval or honor of something or someone. For example,

  • Her new novel met with a lot of acclamation from the peers.
  • The coach of the team gave a shout of acclamation to the players on their win.
  • The young artist received acclamation from all over the world.


To cut it short, acclimation stands for getting adapted/ accustomed to a new climate or situation. Whereas, acclamation refers an enthusiastic approval or someone or something.

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