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ISTEXT function in Excel

Use Tests whether a value is a text or not. Description ISTEXT function returns TRUE if the tested value is text otherwise FALSE for non-text value. Syntax =ISTEXT (value) (value) – The value to test. Example Formulas: Results:

ISERROR function in Excel

Use Checks whether a value is an error or not Description ISERROR function returns with TRUE if the value has an error otherwise FALSE. Excel generates following errors: #REF!, #N/A, #VALUE!, #DIV/0!  , #NUM!, #NAME?, or #NULL!. Syntax =ISERROR (value) (value) is the value to check for errors. Example To point out errors from your […]

N function in Excel

Description Converts a value to a number, using following rules: If value is or refers to N returns A number That number A date, in one of the built-in date formats available in Microsoft Excel The serial number of that date TRUE 1 FALSE 0 An error value, such as #DIV/0! The error value Anything […]

ISODD function in EXCEL

Use Checks whether a cell’s data has odd or even numbers. Description After Appling ISODD function, it returns TRUE if the numeric value is odd otherwise FALSE for even one. Syntax =ISODD(number) (number) – It is the required value to test. Example Formulas: Results: If the number (tested cell value) is not an integer, it is […]

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