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The Theory of Abiogenesis The theory of abiogenesis explains that life arose from non-living things more than 3.5 million years ago. In the early history of science, this idea was proposed to convince how organic molecules originated from inorganic molecules by the input of great amounts of energy. These molecules, with the passage of time, formed […]

What are major reasons for merger and acquisition? 

Understand Merger and acquisition both are a type of takeover, in merger two companies combined to form one company whereas in acquisition one company is purchased by another company resulting in two companies operated by one owner. Synergy is often set as a goal while merger or acquisition. Reasons for merger and acquisition with Examples […]

Abdominal Cavity

The abdominal cavity is the largest hollow space in animal bodies. It is found in the torso of mammals between the thoracic cavity. A protective layer called peritoneum lines the cavity and plays a role in immunity. Peritoneum also supports organs and helps in fat storage. The cavity is divided into nine different areas and this […]

Present Value (PV): Definition, Formula & Example

Understand Present value (PV) or discount value is used to describe a current worth of an amount that will receive at a future date. It is an important concept used in time value of money. Example The formula to calculate the present value of a certain amount is: PV = FV/ (1+r)n    OR    FV(1+r)-n […]

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