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Excel FORMULATEXT Function

FORMULATEXT function returns a text string from given reference containing a formula. Syntax FORMULATEXT(reference) The function has the following argument in the syntax: (reference) – Required. The reference to a cell/ range of cells, containing a formula. Example Error Occurs If #N/A The FORMULATEXT function is used on a reference that does not contain a […]

Excel ROWS function

ROWS function returns the number of rows against a reference or array. For example, =ROWS(E5:E8) returns 4, because there 4 rows in the range. Syntax ROWS(array) The function has the following argument: array – Required. a reference, an array or range of cells for which number of rows needed. Example For more detail, visit Microsoft […]

Excel HYPERLINK function

HYPERLINK function is used to access information quickly from another file or a web page. The link can be a text or a picture based. Syntax HYPERLINK (link_location, [friendly_name]) link_location – Required. The location of file or page to be opened. [friendly_name] – Optional. The name or text to display in a cell against the […]

Excel ROW function

The ROW function returns the row number for a reference. For example, =ROW(B2) returns ‘2’ because B2 is the second row in the spreadsheet. Syntax ROW([reference]) Where [reference] is the optional argument. It is the cell reference or the range of cells for which you want row number. If omitted, Excel returns ROW number of […]

Excel DATEVALUE Function

Sometimes, when you import data in Excel from an external source or enter a date in a cell that is formatted as text. In result, Excel keeps the date as text formatted and shows as left-aligned in a cell (instead of showing right-aligned). In case, if you do not change the text format, you may […]

HLOOKUP Function in Excel

HLOOKUP function is similar to the VLOOKUP function, however, the only difference is that it looks up and retrieves data from a selected horizontal row, instead of a vertical column. Example For example, data mentioned in the screenshot below has item related detail. By using the HLOOKUP function, you can easily look up for a […]

LOOKUP function in Excel

The LOOKUP function looks up for a value in a column or row and returns a corresponding value from the same position in another column or row. For example, if you know the name of a product but does not know its price, by using the LOOKUP function you can find the price of the […]

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