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Date & Time Functions in Excel

In Excel, dates are in US format where the month comes first before the day. For example, 7/28/2050. You can add a date in any cell by using “/” or “-” character. Excel comes with useful date and time functions: Updated Date and Time Use the NOW function to get updated date and time whenever you open […]

NOW function in Excel

Use NOW function returns with the current date and time which is keep updated whenever you open the worksheet. Syntax =NOW() which has no argument. Example Formula Description Result =NOW() Returns with current date and time. 7/20/2017 14:00 =NOW()+5 Returns with the 5 days later date and time. 7/25/2017 14:00 Formula: Result:

TODAY function in Excel

Use TODAY function is useful when you need a current date in a worksheet and it remains updated whenever you open the worksheet. You can also get a static date that would not change by pressing Ctrl + ; button. Syntax =TODAY() It has no argument, all you need to do is just type =TODAY() in […]

YEARFRAC function in Excel

Use To get a fractional value representing fractional years between two dates, YEARFRAC function is used. For example, by using the function, you can get a fractional year of 0.5 in a separate cell from two dates of 30-Jun-2016 and 31-Dec-2016. Syntax =YEARFRAC(start_date, end_date, [basis]) start_date – The start date end_date – The end date […]

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