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How to use google sheets

Create a new sheet To create a new sheet, go to the home screen at sheets.google.com. Press New or “+” sign to open a blank new spreadsheet. Open a saved sheet To open a save sheet: 1- Click on the File tab, press Ctrl + O or click on the Open. 2- ‘Open a file‘ […]

SUBTOTAL function in Excel

The SUBTOTAL function uses to find subtotal of a list or database. The unique feature of the function is that it can ignores or include hidden rows. SUBTOTAL function can either exclude or include hidden rows and performs AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MAX, and others (see table provided below). Syntax SUBTOTAL(function_num,ref1,[ref2],…) The SUBTOTAL function’s syntax has […]

MOD function

The MOD function returns the remainder when two numbers are divided. For example, the formula =MOD(12,2) return the remainder 0. Syntax MOD(number, divisor) The function has the following arguments: number – Required. The number for which division is desired to get the remainder. divisor – Required. The number to be used for division. Example MOD […]

MATCH function

The MATCH function looks up a value from an array and returns the relative position of the lookup value. For example, if the range B4:B6 contains the values 8,9 and 12 then the formula =MATCH(12,B4:B6,0) returns the relative position of 3 of the lookup value 12. Syntax The MATCH function has the following arguments: MATCH(lookup_value, […]

Excel FORMULATEXT Function

FORMULATEXT function returns a text string from given reference containing a formula. Syntax FORMULATEXT(reference) The function has the following argument in the syntax: (reference) – Required. The reference to a cell/ range of cells, containing a formula. Example Error Occurs If #N/A The FORMULATEXT function is used on a reference that does not contain a […]

Excel ROWS function

ROWS function returns the number of rows against a reference or array. For example, =ROWS(E5:E8) returns 4, because there 4 rows in the range. Syntax ROWS(array) The function has the following argument: array – Required. a reference, an array or range of cells for which number of rows needed. Example For more detail, visit Microsoft […]

Excel HYPERLINK function

HYPERLINK function is used to access information quickly from another file or a web page. The link can be a text or a picture based. Syntax HYPERLINK (link_location, [friendly_name]) link_location – Required. The location of file or page to be opened. [friendly_name] – Optional. The name or text to display in a cell against the […]

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