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Sum Functions in Excel

Quick Sum with Status Bar Select the range of cells and look in the lower right corner of the Excel window to have a quick look at the sum, count, and average of the selected range of cells. (SUM Function) AutoSum by using a short key For the AutoSum of a range of cells, follow these steps: […]

TIMEVALUE function in Excel

Use Returns with an accurate text value in the decimal number of the time, for example, the formulas, “=TIMEVALUE (9:45 AM)” will return with the decimal time value of “0.40625”. Text string of time in Excel In Excel, if just two values are given with semicolon (e.g. 12:30), this represents 12 hours and 30 minutes […]


Use NETWORKDAYS Function returns with a number of working days between two dates after excluding weekends and holidays. Syntax =NETWORKDAYS (start_date, end_date, [holidays]) where, start_date – The start date end_date – The end date [holidays] – The optional argument, use to mention non-working days/ holidays. Example Formula: Results: Common Error #VALUE! occurs when the supplied […]

UPPER (Case) function in Excel

Use Converts text to uppercase. Description The UPPER case function converts text to uppercase, however, numbers and punctuation are not affected. Syntax =UPPER(text) where (text) is reference/ address of text that you to convert in uppercase. Example Formula: Result:

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